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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sugar Cookies!

So I love making sugar cookies.  They put huge smiles on peoples faces!  And there is a cookie for EVERY occasion!  I always have a batch of frozen cookie dough in the freezer just in case.  Here are some of my creations!

These are the most recent cookies I have made.  They were for an appreciation celebration for work.  They had a butterfly theme!

This video gives you an idea of how much effort that goes into each cookie.

Finished product!
Christmas cookies with their outline.
Cookies after they have been flooded with icing.

Cookies after they have their final decorations.  

With each layer, you have to let the icing dry.

Valentines day!

I made these as a party favor for Matt's video game themed surprise party!

Cookies I made for Derby and My DCH Hater crew!

Tee hee hee...ass cookies I made for my Pure Romance Party!  I didnt use royal frosting for these but iced them the same way.  I like this frosting so much better but they don't hold up well when you have to transport them.  They can get smudgy!

These cookies were my favorite ones to make so far!

Playing with left over dough and made a ninja with the leftover butt frosting and a star!

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