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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nutri Ninja Review

Blenders.  Never had one growing up and once I graduated I got a blender as a gift from my mom.  I thought there wasn't a huge difference between blenders.  Oh how wrong I was.  May I introduce to you my newest kitchen addition, Nutri Ninja Auto IQ.  

There was a ton of parts to this blender and at first sight I was thinking that this was ridiculous.  I typically only make smoothies and margaritas in my old blender so I think 5 different blender cups was over the top.

I started by making a smoothie using the togo cup.  The best part of this is the fact that you make the drink right in the cup that you are going to take with you.  When you are done blending you put the sippy top on and you are ready to leave for work.

The first smoothie had mixed berries and pineapple with some tart cherry noosa and a bit of orange juice.  YUM.  The nice thing about the IQ Ninja is that you just lock in the cup and press a button and it blends it for the perfect amount.  

I was really happy with my first attempt so I wanted to see how the smoothies would work out if I put spinach and kale in my smoothie.  With my old blender there would be chunks of spinach and there would always be some part of my smoothie that was blended.  With this bad boy everything was blended evenly.  WHAAA????...a blender that properly blends.  Who would have thought.  I am so impressed and it is a great way to hide my veggies.  I want to try carrots and cabbage in my next smoothies!

 Now onto the food processor bowl.  I already have a food processor and I have frankly never used anything that is marketed as a blender to make pie dough and to make Graham cracker crust.  I was very impressed.  Everything was evenly blended and the graham crumbs turned out great.  I even processed cranberries for a family recipe of cranberry fluff.  I love it.  I won't be getting rid of my food processor which slices and has a few other functions that this blender does not have but I was so impressed with this magical fancy blender.

 All this comes down to is...would I buy or recommend this to a friend. HELL YES.  It is a powerhouse of a blender.  The most versital blender that I have ever owned.  I can't imagine how I lived so long with my other blender (sorry mom).  

Go out with your gift cards from Christmas and buy yourself one of these bad boys!

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