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Friday, September 19, 2014

International Food Blogger Conference 2014- Day 1

\\International Food Blogger Conference 2014 Seattle

A while back after I started this blog that I wanted to go to a blogger conference to learn more about how to food blog.  Most of the conferences would have required a plane to attend.  After a bit of research I found IFBC!  I decided to attend because the cost was very reasonable.

When I was signing up I was just hoping to learn more about blogging.  As the conference became closer to reality I was really hoping to meet new people who enjoy food as much as I do and learn new tips and tricks for my new blog. 

Here is how my prep for the conference and the first day went!

I figured I would be eating...ALOT!  So far that is accurate!  I made sure to pack shirts that were a bit loose and pants that weren't too binding.  So far this has been an amazing choice.
I also packed a backpack because I was not staying at the Westin where the conference was held and I wanted to be fairly hands free  I am staying at a cute little boutique hotel called Hotel 5 that is about 3 blocks down the road.  (I recommend it!  The people are so friendly!)

I also packed my tablet to blog, business cards and a notebook.

I arrived in Seattle around 11:30am and was starting,  Our first IFBC event wasn't scheduled until 1pm so I headed to Pike Place which is about 6 blocks away.  I had Piroshkys. 
YUM!  I walked back to the hotel and it was about time to head to the shuttle to Sur la table. 

I am a total introvert at heart so when I arrived at the lobby I got overwhelmed because there were 49 other people there who all seemed to know each other.  I kept reminding myself that one of my goals were to meet new people but in the moment I felt impending doom.  I swallowed my heart back into my stomach and got onto the bus.  I sat in one of the first seats and hoped that whoever ended up sitting next to me wasn't a total asshat.  Lucky for me, my seatmate was a total sweetie.  We bonded over our introversion and had a good time. 

The Sur la table excursion was fun,  They did a cooking demo of homemade pasta with pesto,  and a cranberry tart ( I will be making that one soon!  YUMMO).

I couldn't believe the swag that we received.  A great start to this conference to a swag whore that I am.

After I returned the two bags of swag back to the hotel, I went back to the Westin to go to the Gift Suite.  The sway whore in me went crazy.  So much free stuff to try.
They also fed us too!

Even though I have eaten a crazy amount of food, I still went out to dinner at a local bar named Palace Kitchen.  I had a drink that had cherry, vodka, and moscato in it.  It was a soft and sweet drink.  I had an appetizer of Olive Poppers and dinner was a potato corn soup that had smoked salmon in it.  It was a great atmosphere and really yummy!

Now I am currently unwinding in my room watching food network and will soon be calling it a day once I finish this post!

So far... totally worth it even if I have to make myself a bit uncomfortable!











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